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Updated: Apr 4

We all have our little furry or scaly family members that mean so much to us. Yet also like us, these amazing souls that found their way into our hearts have absorbed a lot of our energy and some not the best. Our pets can and tend to carry our happiness, loneliness, depression, anxiety, anger and especially stress. With this they too can become weighed down by the energy given off even if we don't realize it and they don't show signs till it becomes a physical dis-ease. For example, loss of energy and disinterest in normal activities, could be due to transfer stress they feel from us during this pandemic. Another example our furry friend can be on edge and high alert due to transfer of anxiety they feel from us based on our reaction to the things going on in the world. Let's be honest here and we can all admit animals have always had a beautiful soul connection to us humans. This is the primal way we have always communicated to each other. See being a pet owner myself there have been times when I felt low, heartbroken and lost and my beautiful cat Ella would come over purr and rest by myside. Days of these depressive fits she'd shine her light into my life. But as always energy transfers. As much as she gave, she also took and when I was back to myself, she just looked tired. So, I performed Reiki on her. As a spiritual healer myself I understood what she took on, I've felt drained and tired with some of my clients, so I understand that when you are always giving you run low on your own positive vibes, yet after a few sessions she was back to her loving curious self. Also note that if your animal ever does look and not acting right seek medical attention as soon as possible. Yet this is why I choose to perform Reiki on our pets because I understand that they too heal and need that same healing and energy replenish too.

-Maverick Prasad

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