Hump-Day Reading 5/25/22

Today's reading comes from yours truly using my runes and my amazing Dragon family. So let us get to the Rune reading first, and to be honest beautiful humans I am still learning Runes. See there is so much more depth I would like to go inot with runes and tell you. But for the time being I am only going to be doing basic reads until I feel more comfotable going into those deeper readings. With that said I pulled the Rune Uruz! (Pronounced OO-rooze)

When Uruz is pulled it's telling you remember your strength and inner power. It is the trying times that tests ones faith and strength. Yet through those hard times and trials you've became stronger and wiser. Uruz is reminding that you've always come out on top through any storm that came your way. And most important, you will overcome all those that are coming your way. So meditate with Uruz on your mind during any strom and overall remember, Who You Are!

Now we have the message from my Dragon family via tarot which I do a 3 card spread Past, Present, Future. Then I pull two Oracle cards for clarity of the spread plus I love seeing what they have to say! Remember beautiful humans Dragons are the embodiment of knowledge and power. They're multidemensional and work with along side the Angels and directly with the Source. Their main goal here on Earth is to help guide and prepare us for the Golden Age during this double deminsional shift.

Past: The Tower reversed

There are unsafe conditions for either a project, goal, relatiohship you are trying to achieve most likley due to something from your past or past lives. Things are not secure and you need to hold off and look at that foundation again. Fix and secure things that you know are not stable for the solid foundation needed. Remember take your time and be true to yourself.

Present: The Sun

There is harmony and growth through out all of your life. You are developing into a strong individual and you have a clear path ahead of you that is well lit so walk in wholness for your journey is unique and sacred. Remember your powers and inner strenghts.

Future: 9 of Swords reversed

There is a feeling of being alone and not being able to reach out to people for anything. You need to open up your communication. There is no reason to feel boxed in and left out. All you have to do is step out and communicate what it is you want or want to achieve to the universe. Remember you are not alone.

Lastly the two Oracle Dragon cards!

First: The Dragon of Wisdom / The High Priestess

You are asked see the wisdom within yourself, but in order to hear it you need to be in the moment of "The Now." Look at the energy behind the words spoken to you, don't take everything for face value. Also though life in "The Now" may seem stagnant understand deep wisdom is coming your way just be patience and you'll find your answers.

Last: Green-Gold Dragon from Sirius

This is a 7th-deminsional Dragon that works with the blueprint of creation along with the angelic luminous devas. You are being told to meditate and ask the Green-Gold Dragon from Sirius to help you not only recieve the answer to your questions, but to help unlock that inner wisdom within yourself. This change is going to be subtle and you will notice change in your persepective in life. Dreams may reveal past lives and adventures. So take time in this period of stand still and learn all you can of who you are. Because even though you may feel small and isolated your light will reach out to so many others. You are a transmitter of sacred knowledge!

Last reading of today will be an Erotic Reading for all you beautiful humans in the Lyfestyle. So for this I do a 3 card spread from my Erotic Fantasy tarot deck. The 1st card is about what takes place before your sexual encounter. Like what is expected, desired, feared. The 2nd card sheds light on the excitment, senses and sensuality that drives those desires to grow. The 3rd and last card speaks of the the inner world we go to after sex, when desire and pleasure has been reached and our most vital moment.

1st: Page of Cups

You need to listen and have an open mind, make plans that will benifit your sensuality and it's needs. The Page of Cups is asking you to seek new paths down your road of sensuality.

2nd: The Sun

You need to accecpt and live up to the truth of your sensuality. Understand the reality of what you want and accept new ideas within your fantasies with positive energy and optimism. The Sun wants you to shed light on your TRUTH.

3rd: The Heirophant

You will gain wisdom in this, as long as you maitain trust and mutual pleasure. Share your feelings, voice your desires you'll gain the wisdom you where searching for before you engaged into your desires. In this moment understand what you gained from your partner and what they gained from you. In this world you've entered have TRUST, show it and give it.

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